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Pure Chaos


About the Show:

"Pure Chaos is a musical about math that takes intimidating mathematical concepts and presents them in fun and original ways to excite young audiences about mathematics. It is a hybrid musical-circus show centered on one core goal: illustrating the math and physics of the world in an original, fun, and musical way. It combines circus skills, such as juggling and yo-yo, with musical numbers to demonstrate the math and physics involved in manipulating everyday objects through space. The entire show is highly physical, as well as musical, and uses original, contemporary songs written by today’s hottest young musical theatre composers; Zoe Sarnak, Ben Bonnema, Matt Schatz, Jahn Sood, Andreas Carlsson, Jenny Stafford, and Scotty Arnold. The writing team boasts 2 Emmys, 5 Grammy nominations, 2 Kleban awards, and 3 Larson grants. During the show, two men and one woman find themselves in greater and greater conflict as they realize they share competing ideologies of a mathematical world view. Brian believes in Math as a rational system that explains and proves the orderliness of the world, but Paris believes Math is a chaotic system that proves the disorder of the world. Their argument is frequently interrupted by Stephanie, a P.I. who uncovers the secrets of Math and offers the men a world view that allows the paradox of chaos and the order of rational math to co-exist together within a single system."

Upcoming Plans:

In active development and seeking production/presentation partners.

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