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LOGLINE: Set in 2014 Bay Ridge Brooklyn, Manar is a crime/thriller audio series that follows NAJLA, a 19-year-old first- generation Syrian-American girl in search of her missing friend, JAMIE – a white boy from her local university. Through a series of recorded voice interviews that she conducts with local members from the neighborhood, Najla drops in on multiple, interconnected lives to uncover breadcrumbs that lead to the truth of Jamie’s disappearance, and in turn, reveal deep-seated prejudices, hypocrisies and secrets. When Jamie’s mother LESLIE tells Najla that she suspects her son as the cloaked executioner in a recently published ISIS video, paranoia incriminates Najla and the tightly-knit, diverse community of Bay Ridge. This leads Najla’s tapes to get handed off to the local police. The narrative shifts when the audio episodes become police interrogation tapes conducted by a detective. She eventually interviews Najla, and reveals to her how the circumstances have implicated her in an unsettling way. ____________________________________________________________________________________________

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