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Christmas Carolyn


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Midwestern and middle-aged mom Carolyn Peterson is a Mich-i-gander through and through. She's 50, loves her friends, her family, and Coney Island dogs. She would do anything for them (the friends and family, not the hot dogs) -- even battle that lady in Kohl’s for the last pair of Hanes Her Ways because her daughter loves them. Once upon a time, she dreamed of being a singer, but who has time for impractical dreams when you’ve got butts to wipe and Girl Scout meetings to run? The next thing you know, her kids are grown and her husband has left her for her “less bossy” nemesis who knows how to do “self-care,” which she’s pretty sure is just a fancy term for masturbation. Now she’s following her dreams of moving to Los Angeles to become a singer -- only to find the best (read: only) gig she can get is as a paid Christmas caroller around town.

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