The Orchard Project NYC Greenhouse


The OP NYC Greenhouse is a new NYC-based accelerator for directors, writers, composers and other generative artists to seed ambitious and unexpected work, form new relationships and develop a new generation of theater. For the Orchard Project, it aims to extend the strength of support that has set the organization apart into a year-round resource for its growing network of artists.

NYC Greenhouse is a year-long residency in which members become an integral part of the Orchard Project Artist community. The NYC Greenhouse will meet monthly from January 2017 to December 2018 to develop and workshop pieces, share new work and receive feedback from their NYC Greenhouse peers. Membership in the NYC Greenhouse will peak in a session for NYC Greenhouse members at the Orchard Project summer laboratory in June 2018. Members will also receive dramaturgical support and artistic match-making advice from the OP artistic staff; invitations to OP alumni shows in New York City, artist events, and to see the work of OP alums around the city.


The NYC Greenhouse moves beyond the limitations of a tradtional writer's lab and aims to serve directors, writers, composers and other generative artists that might defy categorization. It is a program intended to encourage collaboration between leading creative voices and adjust to the needs of each member.

In line with the Orchard Project’s form-fitting philosophy, focus on process and commitment to diversity of aesthetic, experience and background, the NYC Greenhouse is not an “emerging” writers program per se, and definitely not a feeder program for a particular production trajectory. It is definitely not a program for directors with very little experience. The Orchard Project is looking to bring together a disparate group of extraordinary artists who it believes should and could work with one another on a myriad of projects. As such, the Orchard Project will work with teams and artists on gameplans for the future life of all work developed through the program.


In all likelihood, most members will use the NYC Greenhouse to accelerate a number new ideas collaboratively, and the general expectation of the program’s duration would be for members to leave with, at minimum, two different pieces in furthered process. For instance, Playwright A could leave the year with something baking with Director A, and something else baking with Director B.

The year will begin with meetings, concepts pitches, and group sprints geared towards instigating projects. For instance, a director could coming in with one hunch for a piece they wanted to create, finding a writer, and then also being matched with composing team on a piece in early stages of development (or had yet to start).


Those interested in the the OP NYC Greenhouse will both be able to apply through the normal OP Residency Process (expressing interest for the program), OR can send a cover letter (including ambitions and desires for such an experience), work sample (links to online videos, script sample, etc), and resume to greenhouse@orchardproject.com.
APPLICATIONS VIA LETTER MUST BE RECEIVED BY NOVEMBER 1, 2017, (applciations via the normal OP process can be received up till the normal deadline on December 1).
In selecting new members, we will take into account the strength of the artist’s previous work, and will ask applicants to articulate what the artist stands to gain from membership in such a group at this point in her/his career. Artists of all races, genders, and abilities are strongly encouraged to apply!