The Orchard Project All the Way

A bit over ten years ago, we began the Orchard Project with the help of the Catskill Mountain Foundation (our old partners), an extremely generous couple who funded its first season, and the help and expertise of Dean Strober. We had no money, no incorporated status, and really no idea what the long term vision for it was. Fast forward ten years, and we are now proud to be a beacon of support for over 200 shows and countless artists and companies.  

When we began, we grabbed the opportunity to take over another non-profit in order to have the ability to raise money ourselves. In many ways, it was a gift, and in many ways, it held us back for years. But the legacy of that choice, and that inheritance, is what led to our first name being "The Exchange." 

Years later, with an amazing new board overseeing the future and expansion of our programs, it became very clear that the Orchard Project *was* the thing. From our Core Company to our professional residency program to Orchard Project Presents, the name Orchard Project is synonymous with groundbreaking new work, adventerous artists, and a finger on the pulse of new live performance. We are proud to announce that, as of now, the organization will only be known as the Orchard Project moving forward. 

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