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The Orchard Project's 2020-2021 NYC Greenhouse application will be available shortly. The information below refers to the 2020 lab.

The 2020-21 OP NYC Greenhouse is NYC-based accelerator for directors, writers, composers and other generative artists to seed ambitious and unexpected work, form new relationships and develop a new generation of theater. For the Orchard Project, it aims to extend the strength of support that has set the organization apart into a resource for its growing network of artists.

Curated by Artistic Director Ari Edelson and Greenhouse Curator Mary Birnbaum, the Greenhouse provides two years of ongoing support to artists looking to generate new material and join the Orchard Project family. The program manifests in monthly meetings at the OP offices in midtown NYC, a summer work session at the Orchard Project (June/July 2020), ongoing space support in NYC, and opportunities for further development based on the trajectory and progress of work created in the program.

Please note: unlike our normal professional residency program, the Greenhouse is intended for artists looking to instigate work with the Orchard Project rather than receive its support on existing work. That is not to say that work in early stages of development cannot find a home within the program, but rather to suggest that the focus is on the discovery and support of a group of collaborations within the program.

For more information about the program, please see this page. To learn more about previous Greenhouse members, click here

If you have ANY problems with your application, please email us at info@orchardproject.com.

Unlike other programs, our process and focus is not to focus on the projects themselves, but on the diversity of the generative skills that each artist is bringing to the table. What that means is that the Orchard Project team and other artists who we have supported in past years assess whether the applicants are likely to create amazing work, and whether we think they will uniquely benefit from our support and the supportive atmosphere that makes the Orchard Project so special.

Please be sure to read the Orchard Project FAQ before applying. The FAQ includes very important details about the structure of the program and application process, including copies of key questions for you to work on offline if so desired.

Please note that the process for submitting an application is specific. We ask you to start an application, which you can return to and edit at any time. When you are ready to submit your application for review, we then ask you to visit our application payment page to submit a non-refundable application fee, which is tied to your Application ID. The fee to apply to the Greenhouse is $5 if submitted before November 1, and $15 if submitted after November 1. We accept requests for fee waivers at all times at info@orchardproject.com.

The deadline for Greenhouse Applications is November 15, 2019.

To understand more about our other programs, please visit the master Orchard Project page.