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Initial Applications for the 2021 Orchard Project Episodic Lab will be available shortly. The information below refers to the 2020 lab, and thus the application below is PURELY for informational purposes. The 2021 application will be different (and shorter).

The 2020 Orchard Project Episodic Lab will run from June 12 - June 22, 2020

If you have ANY problems with your application, please email us at info@orchardproject.com.

Please be sure to read the Episodic Lab Orchard Project FAQ before applying. The FAQ includes very important details about the structure of the program and application process, including copies of key questions for you to work on offline if so desired.

Please note that the process for submitting an application has changed. We now ask you to start an application, which you can return to and edit at any time. When you are ready to submit your application for review, we then ask you to visit our application payment page to submit payment, which is tied to your Application ID.