The Conjurors' Club | The Orchard Project

You Are Cordially Invited

To A Virtual Magic Experience

As The Conjurors' Club Opens Its Doors For the First Time in Years

Join us at The Conjurors’ Club for an exclusive virtual magic experience. 

 For the first time in 100 years, the most secret and delightful magic society will convene and pull back the curtain for a few lucky outsiders. Pour yourself a drink and immerse yourself in the arcane and mysterious through an interactive virtual experience that is changing the face of modern magic.

Featuring the talents of internationally acclaimed magicians Vinny DePonto (OP Alum), Geoff Kanick (OP Alum), Jeanette Andrews, and Ran’D Shine, the evening invites guests to experience mind reading, reality-bending illusions, and extraordinary transformations that reach directly through your screen into your home.

As honorary members for the evening, guests of The Conjurors’ Club will receive their own secret package guaranteed to surprise and delight all of your senses must promise to keep their secret...

October 2, 9, and 16th at 7:30 PM EST


The Conjurors’ Club is an immersive virtual performance. 
Content is suitable for all ages (8+ recommended)
Tickets are issued on a “per household” basis.
The performance lasts roughly 60 minutes without intermission.

The Conjurors’ Club was created by Vinny DePonto and Geoff Kanick, and is developed and produced by the Orchard Project. The Conjuror’s Club was originally developed in collaboration with MinuteZero.